Why..!!!? does it come...

Why..!!!? does it come at the wrong time, man...Whenever there is this kind of fair, like Comex, PC Show, IT Show n not sure another one what is it called... Always looking forward to this fair but nt sure which date..

They usually advertised 2 week before n by that time my bank account is 'frozen'. U should understand la.. When the fair or expo start I'm already " KERING!!!! , man" ( Really Broke La). When I'm loaded at the early of the month, this Fair does not come. Always at the wrong time, man.... Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Nvm.. next year still got. Should at least save 50% of my money in the middle of the month. So when the fairs come my account is not 'frozen'. Hehe.. I'm aiming to get that new 42' LED TV n a Digicam.. Then a Xbox 360.... Hopefully next year, anyway electronics price will surely drop one..

Wed, Jul 22, 2009


Great tech bargains at the Appetites & Escapades Fair

There's certainly something for everyone at the "Appetites and Escapades, Electronics Fair" held at the Suntec City Convention Centre this weekend.

Spanning 7,000 sqm in exhibition space and held over three days from July 24 to 26, the event will feature exclusive electronics bargains, from the latest DSLRs to video cams and other nifty gadgets.

The first 2,000 visitors on the first day of the fair will also receive a $50 electronics cash voucher.

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Too many people have POWER

It's been 25 days, I have last updated my blog. Kind of busy n there is nothing interesting to blog about. There are a few cooking recipes that I want to share with you all but without having a digicam to take the photos of the final end product, it will not be interesting enough. Soon.. when I got a digicam, I will share some recipes n write a few foods review.

I want Peter type of POWER

Did u all catch Heroes Season 3 last Thursday on Channel 5. It was the 2nd episode of Season 3. I did not catch the first episode coz I slept early that time ( ard 4pm in late afternoon till next morning). Kind of lost when I watch it last Thursday.

Seriously.. Season 1 was the best. Just nice, unlike Season 2.. the episode was too short ( due to the writers strike) , Hiro spent too long in ancient Japan n there were less of Sylar..

On last Thursday, I was cooking for dinner & watching it at the same time. So... just catch a few glimpse of the show n some of my dishes turn 'chao tah' ( burned) but still edible lah.. Taste ok, ok la.. Not like a chef or mum's cook.

I think this Season, there are a lot of character got power, man... Peter's mum, Mohinder, Claire's dad n dun noe who.. Linderman still alive n still trying to manipulate Nathan Petrelli. Thats just a few part that I watch.

While during commercial break, I asked my 16yr old bro, " Why got so many people got power?? Kind of confused leh.. Feel like deja vu. Sort of like watching X Men 2 again."

My bro answered coz he catch the first episode," Their power is not bcos they r born with or bcos of the genes but its kind of formula." Thats what he told me.. Should google it lah or watch it online for the 1st episode...

If I were given a choice, I want to be like Peter Petrelli, absorb other people power n able to control it or if cannot the one who can hears people mind. What his name ha? ( Sorry.. really forgot his name).