Xiaxue Kissing Yan Kay Kay

Xiaxue ( Singapore's famous blogger ) & Kay Kay, remember her? She was the winner of S-factor on Channel 5 & 2008 No.7 FHM Hottest Women In the Worlddd.. In the World or in Singapore?? Another of Kay Kay video in ' Truth Or Dare Challenge '

I was wondering who is No.1 that year ? Without a miss, I used to buy FHM magazines every month during my NS days back in 2000-2002. At that time lots of free time lah.

Well.. In ' Xiaxue's Guide To Life: EP56 - Kissing A Girl', both of them gonna kiss after Xiaxue found out what videos garnered a lot of hits.

It was 'Lezberado: Revenge Fantasies' with over 100 millions views. In this video there is this girl talking about the 'L Word' ( a lesbian theme tv series which I think was banned over here).

My bro bought these series ( Season 1-5 I think) in China late 2007 & I have not even watched it yet. Only completed my 'Heroes' & 'LOST' series..

WARNING From Xiaxue :
Its not my fault if you have an erection.. Haha!! ;)

Wow!! Kay Kay hasn't dated for a long time. Hook me up with her lah, Xiaxue.. Can.. Can???

I could not stop laughing by their awkwardness & when she was talking about the steps kissing a girl.

"..Like I must be really hideous or something. But after that she say OK lor.. Then she asked me that if I have herpes.. WHICH I DON'T" Haha!!..

"You know how girls kiss n tell. So.. with two girls there will be double kiss n tell. So, I don't want her to tell everybody that I got stinking breath. Later.. she would be like kissing a bottle of Listerine"

Well... I have seen girl making out with girl. That is only in porn. I don't really enjoyed it n what so hot with 2 girls kissing n making out. You lick her, she lick u. All the attached dildo or vibrator.. Haha!!!

But not something like this. Kay Kay was a natural, man. She seems to be born with it. I wished, it was me that Kay Kay kissing. DREAM ON!!!

Xiaxue, move aside.. let me take over, girl..

The part when they were about to kiss, I did not have an erection lah but It was a huge turn on watching this. I think this is the best & most controversial video from 'Guide To life'..


iyouwe.info said...

nice video! luv that! nanged u! nang me if u want to join Nuffnang-force now! We are FBI too.... nang me! Thank you!

YieTze said...

its sexy :P

Mr. Fatboy Slim said...

iyouwe.info : Nice onlyyy.. Does it turn u on? Nanged u 2..

YieTze : I think u r sexy too..

YieTze said...

Thanks for the visit Mr fat boy slim , you should create a shoutmix so that ppls chat with you :)

kenwooi said...

lol.. girl and girl..
cannot laahh.. =P


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