Free money @ Tesco

Wait!! Don't get overly excited about it.

Alamak!! It's not Tesco in Malaysia la but in London.. I thought that Tesco is a Malaysian company, trying to compete with 'Giant' or 'Carrefour'. Anyway, I just went shopping for groceries at Tesco last week & this news was on the 18/8..

If I was there, I would have taken it, man.. Would u have taken it??

Tesco feeling a bit generous last week gave out free money at one of its ATM outside its Cranford's store.

It provided the ultimate 'two for one' offer but perhaps not the kind of bargain Tesco had in mind to help lure in customers at the store in Hounslow, West London.

Instead of tracing the customers - who formed a lengthy queue to use the machine - the company has decided to write off the losses. A store spokesman said it lost more than £5,000 but it would not be cost effective to chase every person who benefited.

Tesco - renowned for its 'every little helps' slogan - says it will not try and recoup the money. Haha!! ;)... Like Real only. 'This was thankfully an extremely rare, operational error,' he said.The following day, many London Lite readers were quick to point out that those who benefited from the faulty machine were downright dishonest.


Tesco surely have an insurance against any loss they might encounter.

As with any increased claims on the policy, the premiums will go up n u can bet that the retailers will put that on our bills !

I was a cashier before at Mobil petrol kiosk.. Whenever I gave the wrong change. The difference in loss will be deducted from my minimum wage. The sum meant little to others but for me, it might mean a lot. Best to do the right thing than to have that on your conscience !


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