LOST Season 5

Did u all catch LOST Season 5 on Channel 5 last Monday? How come it start at 12 a.m... man? I think its pretty late for a TV Series to start at that time.

Remember when Season 1 was out, there were contests la, roadshows la & was heavily promoted on Channel 5.. Anyway all new TV series are like dat.. Remember Ugly Betty, they even show the first episode in a cinema, man..

I believed all new TV series will get the prime time slot where the ratings is quite high in the States. Like Mentalist & Fringe.. So for TV series which has their ratings dropped will be in 8p.m or 12a.m slot.. Like Heroes, LOST & Smallville ..

I hope LOST is the only show that I will follow until the Seasons end. I heard somewhere it will end in the Seasons 6.. Thats where the
Jack Will Be Out Of The Box..

Last year, when I went for my reservist & we talked about TV series.. Famous one are Heroes la but I still stick to LOST.

One of them even said that ,"
When I watched LOST, I'm totally LOST.."Lol.. ;) He just watched half way until Season 2. I smiled & tried to explain which part that he is 'totally LOST'.. That time I just completed my LOST series marathon of Seasons 1 to 3 on DVD, tried to explain to him all the Polar Bear, Black Smoke & mysteries on the Island. How they moved the Island & about the Others..

Spoilers starts here
Last Monday show what really happened to the Island. It did not move to another place or just disappeared but the Island move through time. Back to where the private plane crashed which is full of drugs stuffed in Mother Mary statue..

From W
ikipedia : The remaining survivors begin to erratically jump through time after the island is moved. Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic Six. Hurley and Sayid are ambushed at their safehouse. Kate and Aaron flee their house, after being ordered to submit to a maternity test by two lawyers.
Spoilers ends here

These are just a few glimpses that I caught bcos at that time my 16yr old brother was asking lots of questions regarding the show. I tried to explain what I could remember. The starter kit did help one way or another.. So are u watching LOST next Monday???


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