Propose by a Girl ??

Damn!! I missed the Proposal movie contest by Nuffnang. Its OK la.. Anyway, when was the last time I catch a movie in cinema, man? Let me try to remember...

Hmmmmm.... was it Transformers in mid '07.
NO !!!!!! it was late 2007 & I watched it with Shanaz at GV (Golden Village), Vivo City. Remember dat, Sharifah ?

It was a HongKong movie called 'Brothers'. Its been full 2 years I ever catch a movie in cinema, man.. Anyway the tickets, was given free by the Reservist Department for my duty during the IMF ( International Monetary Fund) & WB ( World Bank) Convention.. Its gonna expired in Feb '08, might as well used it. I will be back with my update on my date with Shanaz. Stay tuned...

Back to Proposal, I think this will be another great romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds in it. I saw his movie before Definitely, Maybe n did enjoyed it. So what will happen if the table were to turn & the girl propose to a guy. Well... Anything can happen in Hollywood.

It was quite rare for me to catch a romantic comedy on the big screen.. If I remembered clearly, the only romance movie I ever watched in cinema was Titanic or was it something else?

Watch it in cinema if its an epic, lots of battle scenes or an action movie like Transformers 2 or Terminator Salvation. Wanna enjoy the best sound effects in cinema But then both movies I have not watch it yet.. Haha!! So I just have to wait for the DVD..

The Proposal opens in cinemas 20 August 2009


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