Don't wish me "Happy Father's Day!"

Like me, I had never wish my dad ' Happy Father's Day' when I reached my teens. The only time I have ever gave him a present or wished him when I was around 8-10. As for me I was quite close with him till I was 14. After 17, we seems to go our own way. I was still living with my dad at 17 but there was no dad n son conversations.

He did joke once a while but its kind of sarcastic.. Since I was 13, I never shared my problems or achievements with him. He was a workaholic ( holding 2 jobs n working 18hrs a day) before he retired & there was no quality time or having dinner together.

Why did he had to work so hard? We can live comfortably with his day job. We were neither poor or rich. He never owned any credit cards ( which he is qualified for ) or have any debts. Everything was paid in cash. He does not own a car & the house mortgage is already fully paid.

I believed he was working hard to save for his retirement. Maybe he was thinking out of his 6 children (4 girls already married & 2 boys in their teens at that time), neither one of them may not be able to look after or support him once he retired.

I was always longing for a tap on the shoulder n hoping he would said like " Son, Well done.. you have make me proud" or scolded me for making mistakes. He just trusted me of making better decisions n that I can handle everything. At that age all children wants undying love n some kind of attention from their parents. Constant advices n nurturing.. Not leaving them all alone....

" Son, Don't call me on Father's Day; Don't call me on my birthday!"

Jaycee Chan & his Dad

Jaycee Chan at 16 - 17 - Tuesday, June 16

A "Big Brother" who passionately shows the roots of showbiz to his juniors, Jackie Chan is different as a daddy.

Taking the education of his son, Jaycee, into his own hands, Chan instilled so much fear in his son that the latter would never dream of offending his dad for fear of the consequences.

Chan said, "I've never taken care of my son nor sent him to school. For the first and only time that I went to pick him up from school, I went to the wrong one. I am not a good father but definitely a responsible one. My son is utterly afraid of me; he respects and listens to me. I don't think that I will be called a good daddy just by fetching my son to and from school. It's hard for someone like me. If I had sent him to school everyday, I don't think I will be who I am today."

He added, "There was once when I received a call from him while I was filming in Hengdian. You have to understand that he seldom calls me. And when he does, he is either asking for a ticket to watch the NBA match or that he has crashed my car.

"That day he called me to wish me Happy Father's Day! I sprouted some vulgarities and shouted at him: "Next time don't call me! Don't call me on Father's Day; don't call me on my birthday! Call me on usual days, do you get it?" And I hung up the phone immediately. I don't remember my parents' birthdays and I am not exceptionally nice only on Father's Day and Mother's Day. Everyday is like an occasion to me."

Last year, Jaycee told in an exclusive interview that he would be "digging his own grave" to be seeking his parents' advice on work issues. Ever since he was a child, his father only compliments him for one out of the hundred things he does.

Jaycee also said that he has a few of his father's songs in his car only for show and plays them when his dad is with him. On hearing this, Chan laughed, "If it's true, I'll slap him twice on his face when I return home.


Do you all think Jackie is like that to his son? Maybe he was just too busy with his productions & filming or when Jackie's younger day he did not get any love from his dad.


A group of Temudjin enemies chasing him.

Temudjin aka Genghis Khan


"Mongol" delves into the dramatic and harrowing early years of the ruler who was born as Temudjin (Tadanobu Asano) in 1162. The film paints a multidimensional portrait of the future conqueror, revealing him not as the evil brute of hoary stereotype, but as an inspiring, fearless and visionary leader. "Mongol" shows us the making of an extraordinary man and the foundation on which so much of his greatness rested: the relationship with his wife, Borte (Khulan Chuluun) and his most trusted advisor.

Cinema Online Review
Edited by Mr. Fatboy Slim

I didn't know that this movie was released in cinema. There wasn't any news or trailer on our national tv. 'Mongol' was actually released late 2007 or mid 2008. As usual, I got my Dvd from our neighbouring country laa..

This genuine work of art by award-winning Russian director Sergei Bodrov . It tells the story about a rising hero, Genghis Khan, or mostly known as Temudjin in the film, whom was captured and enslaved, only to rise through the ranks through battle. It has mixture of Braveheart & Gladiator. The part where he tried to save his wife from the enemy tribe n he become a slave after Temudjin was defeated in a battle with his non-blood related brother Jamukha.

Set in Mongolia, the film went through the many phases of Genghis Khan's life - from the early years when he was just a child to the later days when he fought for Mongolia's unity. Even though the film was set mostly in Mongolia, principal shooting was actually done in China and Kazakhstan as well. When watching the film, you would notice places that look like the Arabian Deserts and the greeneries of Mainland China. But those were the lands claimed by the old Mongolian Empire.

Spoilers start here

I really like where he set 4 simple laws for the Mongols to obey.
1. Don't kill women n children
2. Don't forget your debts
3. Fight enemies to the end
4. Never betray your Khan

From this laws he knows that it will unite all the Mongols to become invincible. Like in V for Vendetta slogan 'Strength Through Unity'. He will also kill half of the Mongols if anyone disobey. He had a well trained cavalry n archers. He also had a better strategy than Jamukha. In the end.... ( You should watch it la...)

Spoilers end here

This movie however, is different from the usual epic war films because it doesn't feature a lot of war and fighting scenes that are familiar to the general public but instead only small battles that Genghis Khan had encountered throughout his life. This might disappoint moviegoers whom are into more commercial types of war films with long battle scenes and a grand finale so seal the movie.

The cinematography however was not very good, especially for the battle scenes. This is what made the movie fall apart even more. The camerawork is very confusing and we had to figure out who is fighting who and what is actually happening during the battle. This part of the film is important because that was what Genghis Khan was famous for and many people would anticipate at least one good battle scene from this movie.

The plot of the movie is pretty decent because it shows many parts of Genghis Khan's life that was lesser known to the general audience. Maybe the director wanted to emphasise more on that. However, for special effects, the film used CG animation to create the war scenes but it's not realistic in any groundbreaking way.

Most of the cast were notably good in acting out their roles but the lead actor who played Genghis Khan did not show much of the traits that you would think a natural leader and hero like Genghis Khan would have. If you would like to watch a movie that has battle scenes full of blood and gore, then this is the movie for you. Overall its worth watching..

I would give this movie 8/10 *Kacang Putih

The movie lose 1 point because the battle scenes was not great enough. Another point because the actor who play Temudjin doesn't play the character well n the movie was too short. It did not show how he unite all the Mongols. I'm hoping for a sequel where they show him conquering 1/2 of the known world. Overall its worth watching laa..

*Kacang Putih- Different kind of nuts (steamed, peanuts, peas, sugar coated-nuts & etc..) served in whitepaper rolled like in a ice-cream cone. The local version of popcorn during the 50s-80s. Now no more already la.. But I think they still sell at Cathay Orcard.


What Should I Write????

Okayyy..... What will be my first entry? Shall it be about myself or what happened yesterday? Anyway there something interesting happened yesterday whereby I was stopped by a senior police officer ( Don't play-play an ASP okay....) in JB (Johor Bahru), Malaysia for jaywalking.

It was kind of funny n stupid where I try to reason with the officer. I think I will post it in a few days time cos I dun have a digital camera with me right now to take the photo of the compound ticket. I would like to show u all the picture of the ticket bcos there were a lot of fill in the blanks..

Johor Police Chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff
Nooo.. Its not him who stopped me.

Ok la... I think I want to review a movie which I just finished watching this morning. My next entry will be a movie review called Mongol which is about Genghis Khan the greatest conqueror. He went to conquer 1/2 of the world known civilisation in 1200 A.D. This will be my first review.. So, I hope I'm able to review it well..