What Should I Write????

Okayyy..... What will be my first entry? Shall it be about myself or what happened yesterday? Anyway there something interesting happened yesterday whereby I was stopped by a senior police officer ( Don't play-play an ASP okay....) in JB (Johor Bahru), Malaysia for jaywalking.

It was kind of funny n stupid where I try to reason with the officer. I think I will post it in a few days time cos I dun have a digital camera with me right now to take the photo of the compound ticket. I would like to show u all the picture of the ticket bcos there were a lot of fill in the blanks..

Johor Police Chief Datuk Mohd Mokhtar Mohd Shariff
Nooo.. Its not him who stopped me.

Ok la... I think I want to review a movie which I just finished watching this morning. My next entry will be a movie review called Mongol which is about Genghis Khan the greatest conqueror. He went to conquer 1/2 of the world known civilisation in 1200 A.D. This will be my first review.. So, I hope I'm able to review it well..



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