Yan Kay Kay Play Truth or Dare

Yesh!! Kay Kay ( her birthname Yan Qihua from S factor ) & Paul Two Hill ( from Singapore Idol 2) got raunchy in a game of Truth or Dare video by Clicknetwork. You can also see her videos kissing our celebrity blogger in ' Kissing A Girl' .

If u ever really played this game before, it was really fun.. right? Asking personal questions & expecting the truth from each other. Like when u pop the cherry, with who, where lahh.. If u dun wanna answer the questions than u got to do the dare..

Kay Kay In Fhm August 09 Edition

What was Kay Kay's most embarrassing bedroom moment? Or Paul's kinkiest fantasy? And what does Kay Kay think of Paul's kissing skills?

The Truth or Dare Challenge Part 1

Coming up the Part 2 video, will Kay Kay gonna kiss Paul. Will she?? Also revealing that she cum ___ times in 24 hours. You wanna make a guess? U will be surprise. Either with a guy or DIY?

So stay tuned...

Maintenance On : A New Layout

If you are visiting my site now, you can see that some errors or the sidebar not in order. I'm in a midst of changing to a new template. Bear with me. I do not know how long it take but should be ready by 9 p.m ( Singapore time) tonight..

My first template
Changing bcos its too bluish & seem common.. What you expect? This template is offered by blogger.com when I first sign up.

Thisaway Blue

2nd template

Downloaded from bttemplates.com, I think. Its simple with 3-column design. Not that customisable. After a while I do not really like it.

Woprdpress Premium Brown

Latest template
I Like this one bcos it claimed to be " the most customizable Blogger template yet." Hopefully it stay that way. Simple, clean & 3-column design. This is what I'm looking for. Going to change a few colors here & there. Maybe change the header graphic.

Super Custom

So what do you think?