Maintenance On : A New Layout

If you are visiting my site now, you can see that some errors or the sidebar not in order. I'm in a midst of changing to a new template. Bear with me. I do not know how long it take but should be ready by 9 p.m ( Singapore time) tonight..

My first template
Changing bcos its too bluish & seem common.. What you expect? This template is offered by when I first sign up.

Thisaway Blue

2nd template

Downloaded from, I think. Its simple with 3-column design. Not that customisable. After a while I do not really like it.

Woprdpress Premium Brown

Latest template
I Like this one bcos it claimed to be " the most customizable Blogger template yet." Hopefully it stay that way. Simple, clean & 3-column design. This is what I'm looking for. Going to change a few colors here & there. Maybe change the header graphic.

Super Custom

So what do you think?


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