My Fat Burning Experiences

I believed all of you who are obese or overweight at a point time have tried different kind of products & ways to lose weight. Well.. some works & some doesn't. Even the fit ones have some kind of regime or methods of keeping themself healthy. Here I'm going to share with you all my fat-burning experiences.

I have always been the chubbier side since I was 2. That is why my blog is Mr. Fatboy Slim. I can say that I'm pretty obese right now & WILL be SLIMMER in the near future. Haha!!.. Like real only. Anyway nothing is impossible..Right??

Mike!! Tuck in your stomach, man?

It could be the genes from my mother side because they are quite big & overweight. I have never met or seen my mum siblings before but this is what my mum told me & she herself is quite obese.

Once my FI (Field Instructor) Ayub in NS did asked me," Mike.. Why are you on the heavier side ?."

I answered," I think I have a low metabolism, Sir. Maybe its in the genes.." Haha!!.. What a lame reasons I gave him. Hey!! It could be true, man.

He smiled & said," But u can try to burn it & can increase your metabolism" I just smiled back.

You name it.. I have tried all kind of regime & products to lose weight..
This will be quite a long list of my fat burning experiences . Here are a few that I have tried :

1. The first time when I was kind of... FORCED to lose weight was around 10 like dat in Primary 4. At that time TAF ( Trim And Fit ) Club was just introduced in 1990.

I used to joke among my friends & classmates, " Don't play-play, ok.. I'm in the TOUGH ( Doesn't it sound similar to TAF ) Club. I was chosen not because I'm FAT but TOUGH." Haha!!.. I will be blogging about this in detail later. Basically it works but then was jus too lazy too attend.

2. The slimming products that claim that you do not have to diet or exercise. Works naturally & no side effects. Some to the extend claiming that just by taking their pills before bedtime & it start working while u are ASLEEP. Haha!!.. Yeah!! Right.. Even though it sound damn easy & too good to be true. This never works at all. All gimmicks to sell their products.

3. Products that really works just make me more hungry. In the end I ate more. It works but when I stop using it, I put on more weight..

4. Some even claiming all natural herbal slimming pills but it works more like a laxative. After taking it, I will constipated more & my bowels will be watery. Yuckss!!.... It seems there is some oily stuff along with my bowels.

It seems to work. I would feel a bit lighter after leaving the toilet. Loss 2 inches off my waist but then I'm kind of weak when I was on it for 2 months. I believed it works by drawing water from your body & make u constipated more. So u feel lighter.

5. There was even a product in the market where youu just sniff it & u will lose weight. Like sniffing Vicks inhaler through your nose whenever u had a cold or running nose. It was advertised as infomercial on TV in 98 or 99. I believed those who had watched it before or who had bought it could remember this.

It came in 2 pieces & sold for around $90+. All u need to do is to sniff it whenever u feel hungry & you fell full. Haha!!.. Like real only.. The other piece is to sniff it before having your meal then u will feel quite full or lose your appetite. It works by telling your brain that you are full & do not need to eat so much. This stuff is really CRAP & just a waste of money. Totally did not work at all.

6. Hey!!!.. I do not just used slimming products & never exercise in my life or eat heallthy to keep fit. When I was around 16, I did exercised and watched what I ate. Usually I will go for a jog at Queenstown Stadium track or empty multi-storey carpark just before the sunrise or late afternoon. Jog 4-5 rounds around the 400m track. Did it almost 3 or 4 times a week.

If I'm not runnig that day, I will be swimming at the opposite swimming pool in the late afternoon. Having meals that is high in fibre, more proteins, less carbohydrates & less oily food. Did it for 3 months before nearing my 'O' level.

When I stopped, I did gain a bit weight. This is a sure way to keep fit & stay healthy but you need to be consistent & really need to kick youself in the ASS.

There is still many more I wanted to share with you all my YO-YO weight. I will be continuing this in Part II some where next week or the week after..

To Be Continued......
WAIT!!!! Before you leave I will like to share something new with you all .


Have you ever exercise vigorously and eating healthy just to fit yourself in that new Levi's jeans?
Have you ever wished to look your best on your first blind date?
Have you ever been laughed at or been make fun of because of your size?
Undertake meticulous slimming plan so that you would look fabulous on your wedding day?

Here it is !! The latest technology called Cavitation. So what is this all about?

Cavitation is the latest technology in slimming. It makes use of stable cavitations to obtain the best results by breaking fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles. The complex fatty acids are then broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids can then be passed out through excretory system.

Clinical Studies:

University “G. d Annunzio”, Chieti (Italy)

Clinical studies done by Professor Raoul Saggini from University “G. d Annunzio”, Chieti (Italy), Director of the Postgraduate School of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, shows that the following are achieved:

1. Body weight is loss
2. Fat tissues are reduced

3. No collateral effects

Studies are done on 10 women between the ages of 20 – 50.

Why Do We Have To Acquire A License From NEA?

This machine has a power output of more than 50 watt and a ‘N2’ license is required.

The ‘N2’ license is a safety assurance license to ensure that this medical apparatus used for cavitation is handled only by either a medical doctor or physiotherapist.

The physiotherapists in Cenosis, being educated medically and technologically, are able to perform cavitation treatment in accordance with the safety standards set by NEA, as well as give you, excellent results in slimming down.

Who is this Cenosis?

Cenosis, one of the leaders in the slimming and beauty industry has always been constant in our commitment to delivering the highest quality of services rendered. The cavitation technology is the proof of our commitment and pride. Cenosis has spent the last 3 years researching on the cavitation technology, ensuring that it is safe, reliable and result proven to all our customers. In our commitment to your safety, we make sure that all cavitation treatments are ONLY handled by our physiotherapists.

We do not make up claims on our technology. To show for it, we have been awarded with the N2 license, which proves that we do not use any kind of imitation and false claims on cavitation to mislead our consumers. This proves the pride the Cenosis promises you, the day you become our customers.

So what are you waiting for?
Don't be shy or afraid.. I have made my appointment with them to see whether it works for me. Hopefully this also works for men & no side effects..

Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit to make an appointment.”


Jimi said...

Fat burning? Bro, tell me how to gain weight.

Mr. Fatboy Slim said...

Eat more rice n more fats la.. LOL Seriously, u can try weight gainer.. What is ur body type? There are usually 3 type. Since u are in Malaysia, u can try Gain 8 which usually advertised on TV3 not too sure whether it works.

The Round, Hour Glass & Stick type. I'm the round type n have low metabolism so I gain weight easily. For you i think u are the stick type. U can eat as much as u want n u will never gain weight n u also have high metalbolism. For u then very hard to gain weight. Why not try building some strength & muscle in the gym?

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