Missing Those Days.. Part 1

Yesterday.. while I was updating my friendster, I went into Faiz profile. Seeing his photos, I began to remember the days ( late 2007 ) where we used to hang out at a place where we called 'Cheers Corner'. Its at Bras Basah Complex . Thats where we usually chill n have our drinking session after a hard days work. We called it our 'Cheers Corner' bcos there is where we get our drinks n chill out at the corner of Bras Basah Complex.

Usually me, Faiz, Owl, Asri, sometime Mus, Is, Man n Boy will meet at Cheers Corner after we finished work. At the most 3 times a week n there was one time its 3 day straight, man. As early as 6p.m or as late as 10 p.m we started our drinking session. By that time, all the shop in Bras Basah were already closed. Only Cheers n Mc'donalds are open.

Why do we choose that place? It was just opposite our working place & quite a nice place to chill. Cheers was also in that building which is something like 7-11 which is owned by NTUC. They also have promotion on their beers from time to time. Like at that time our favorite drink 'Amsterdam' cost $ 10 for 2 cans.

Bras Basah Complex. Our ' Cheers Corner ' in Singapore. Hehe!!! The 2 red circled area is our hangout place. We would usually have our drinking session on the left side if its not occupied. Cheers is somewhere in the middle of the building. Further on the left side, there is a Mc'donalds ..

I had never tasted Amsterdam before. The first time I tasted it was with Owl ( his nose do really look like an owl n that why people call him Owl). LOL.. He is the one who recommended the drink. When I tasted it, it was damn bitter. Bitter than Baron or regular Tiger. I almost puked bcos the last time I drank was in 2005.

Even though its been 2 years, it seems like its my first. 'Like A Virgin ' la... No wonder, Owl bought 'Red Bull' to fight with the bitterness. Then there was one time, I was asking him "Owl, Red Bull is something like upper n beer is downer. Don't u think its bad or dangerous to mix the drinks together"

Owl answered " That what give u the kick, man"

This the drink 'Amsterdam' I'm talking about. With 11.6% of alcohol, no wonder its so damn bitter. Owl used to say , " Good medicines are usually more bitter" Haha!!!.. Yeah,. Right!!!

Both of us were the first one who started to drink at that corner. When Asri came along, he called it 'Cheers Corner'. Thats where the name came from. Then we called the others to join. From 2 , sometime became to 7 -8 person. Anyway we wasn't disturbing anybody but sometime we could be quite noisy. What do u expect when u got a totally drunk guys? We were still under control at that time.

Until there was one time, Faiz suddenly 'open table' la.. I already had 2 cans of mine ( This is my maximum). Asri not to sure, how many Tiger he had but I believed he already finished more than 5 cans of the longer one. Boy n Liz with Long Island Tea. Owl I think about 2 cans of Amsterdam.

TO BE CONTINUED...........


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