9th August, Independence Day?

Where will u all be on our National Day? I believed those who got the NDP tickets will be heading now to Marina Bay. The one who try to make money with the free tickets will try to sell to their friends for a minimum SGD$120 after collecting their tickets or selling it online at eBay starting from SGD$50. Some who really desperate will offer a minimum SGD$100 to buy for the tickets at eBay.

Some who do not have the tickets will be heading nearby Marina Bay to catch the parade or enjoy the fireworks. Like in 2004, one of my friends wanted to get the best view at Kallang to watch the fireworks. In the end we went somewhere else coz it was quite crowded down there.

I have never been to the NDP as long as I could remember. During my younger days like 8 or 9 I did wanted to go.

Asking my my mum," Mummy, why we never go to NDP before. Some of my friends did go & they got a lot of freebies. They all enjoy the parade & fireworks"

My mum replied, "Son.., the tickets was hard to get n u have to really queue for the tickets. Some will camped at the collection center 3 days before the tickets will be issue. If I got the tickets, it will be very crowded at the parade area. All the buses n MRT are very crowded too. Lots of traffic jam nearby the parade."

No wonder we never went for NDP during my younger days. What she say its true. Before we were able to apply it online, we have to queue up for the tickets.

NDP @ Marina Bay http://www.ndp.org.sg

As for me, I will be enjoying the parade at home in my boxer with my fan turn on full blast due to the hot weather n humidity. Maybe some epok-epok at the side n a Pokka Peach Tea ( My favorite drink). Yeah.. then catch Singapoe Idol 3 or continuing playing my Crysis game on PC.



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