Yan Kay Kay Play Truth or Dare

Yesh!! Kay Kay ( her birthname Yan Qihua from S factor ) & Paul Two Hill ( from Singapore Idol 2) got raunchy in a game of Truth or Dare video by Clicknetwork. You can also see her videos kissing our celebrity blogger in ' Kissing A Girl' .

If u ever really played this game before, it was really fun.. right? Asking personal questions & expecting the truth from each other. Like when u pop the cherry, with who, where lahh.. If u dun wanna answer the questions than u got to do the dare..

Kay Kay In Fhm August 09 Edition

What was Kay Kay's most embarrassing bedroom moment? Or Paul's kinkiest fantasy? And what does Kay Kay think of Paul's kissing skills?

The Truth or Dare Challenge Part 1

Coming up the Part 2 video, will Kay Kay gonna kiss Paul. Will she?? Also revealing that she cum ___ times in 24 hours. You wanna make a guess? U will be surprise. Either with a guy or DIY?

So stay tuned...

Maintenance On : A New Layout

If you are visiting my site now, you can see that some errors or the sidebar not in order. I'm in a midst of changing to a new template. Bear with me. I do not know how long it take but should be ready by 9 p.m ( Singapore time) tonight..

My first template
Changing bcos its too bluish & seem common.. What you expect? This template is offered by blogger.com when I first sign up.

Thisaway Blue

2nd template

Downloaded from bttemplates.com, I think. Its simple with 3-column design. Not that customisable. After a while I do not really like it.

Woprdpress Premium Brown

Latest template
I Like this one bcos it claimed to be " the most customizable Blogger template yet." Hopefully it stay that way. Simple, clean & 3-column design. This is what I'm looking for. Going to change a few colors here & there. Maybe change the header graphic.

Super Custom

So what do you think?

Dinner with Girlfriend...

Joke I got it from some forum while on reservist last week. Posted to office hour so got to surf the intranet lah. Ridwan, one of the NS (National Service) guy recommended me the forum with some jokes. Here it goes...

A young man goes into a pharmacy and says to the pharmacist,

'Hello, could you give me condom. I'm going to my girlfriends for dinner and I think I may be in with a chance!'

The pharmacist gives him the condom and as the young man is going out; he returns and says,

'Give me another condom because my girlfriend's sister is very cute too. She always crosses her legs in a provocative manner when she sees me and I think I might strike it lucky there too..'

The pharmacist gives him a second condom and as the boy is leaving he turns back and says,

'Go on, give me one more condom because my girlfriend's mum is still pretty cute and when she sees me, she always makes eyes, and since she invited me for dinner, I think she is expecting me to make a move! ‘

During dinner, the young man is sitting with his girlfriend on his left, the sister on his right and the mum facing him. When the dad gets there, the boy lowers his head and starts praying,

'Dear Lord, bless this dinner and thank you for all you give us'.

A minute later the boy is still praying;

'Thank you Lord for your kindness.'

Ten minutes go by and the boy is still praying, keeping his head down. The others look at each other surprised and his girlfriend is even more surprised than the others. She gets close to the boy and says in his ear,

' I didn't know you were so religious.'

The boy replies, 'I didn't know your dad was a pharmacist!'

Haha!! Damn funny la..

Sonia Krans Frances Profile

I believed some of you who googled Sonia Krans ( birthname Sonia Krans Frances ) dropped by to my previous entry ' In Bikinis & Bored '. Here it is her profile & some of her never seen photos.

Do come back here often.. I will be adding some of her photos soonn

Sonia second from extreme left in S-factor.

UPDATED as of 5th Nov. 09

Name : Sonia Krans
Bithname : Sonia Krans Frances
Gender : Female
Date Of Birth : 12th April 1981 ( Same year with me la)
Age : 28
Nationality : Singaporean
Location : Toa Payoh, Singapore ( Anyone stay nearby there must have bum into her or future stalker know where she stay ha. Haha!!)

Eye Colour : Brown
Hair Colour : Black
Build : Slim
Height : 5' 7' (170 cm)
Bust : 32
Waist : 24
Hips : 33
Dress : S
Shoes : 8

Occupation : Full Time Model
Education : High school Incomplete
Religion : Christian
Ethnic Origin : Eurasians, Dutch Mixed Race
Interest : Dancing, Running, Swimming & sometime Baking

Sonia, maybe in some club. I love her hair like this.

Posing for a photographer in sexy white bra.

Whatt !!? A nurse outfit where you usually found it in a sex store. Don't tell me this photo for some escort agency.. Hehe!!

Xiaxue Kissing Yan Kay Kay

Xiaxue ( Singapore's famous blogger ) & Kay Kay, remember her? She was the winner of S-factor on Channel 5 & 2008 No.7 FHM Hottest Women In the Worlddd.. In the World or in Singapore?? Another of Kay Kay video in ' Truth Or Dare Challenge '

I was wondering who is No.1 that year ? Without a miss, I used to buy FHM magazines every month during my NS days back in 2000-2002. At that time lots of free time lah.

Well.. In ' Xiaxue's Guide To Life: EP56 - Kissing A Girl', both of them gonna kiss after Xiaxue found out what videos garnered a lot of hits.

It was 'Lezberado: Revenge Fantasies' with over 100 millions views. In this video there is this girl talking about the 'L Word' ( a lesbian theme tv series which I think was banned over here).

My bro bought these series ( Season 1-5 I think) in China late 2007 & I have not even watched it yet. Only completed my 'Heroes' & 'LOST' series..

WARNING From Xiaxue :
Its not my fault if you have an erection.. Haha!! ;)

Wow!! Kay Kay hasn't dated for a long time. Hook me up with her lah, Xiaxue.. Can.. Can???

I could not stop laughing by their awkwardness & when she was talking about the steps kissing a girl.

"..Like I must be really hideous or something. But after that she say OK lor.. Then she asked me that if I have herpes.. WHICH I DON'T" Haha!!..

"You know how girls kiss n tell. So.. with two girls there will be double kiss n tell. So, I don't want her to tell everybody that I got stinking breath. Later.. she would be like kissing a bottle of Listerine"

Well... I have seen girl making out with girl. That is only in porn. I don't really enjoyed it n what so hot with 2 girls kissing n making out. You lick her, she lick u. All the attached dildo or vibrator.. Haha!!!

But not something like this. Kay Kay was a natural, man. She seems to be born with it. I wished, it was me that Kay Kay kissing. DREAM ON!!!

Xiaxue, move aside.. let me take over, girl..

The part when they were about to kiss, I did not have an erection lah but It was a huge turn on watching this. I think this is the best & most controversial video from 'Guide To life'..

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Free money @ Tesco

Wait!! Don't get overly excited about it.

Alamak!! It's not Tesco in Malaysia la but in London.. I thought that Tesco is a Malaysian company, trying to compete with 'Giant' or 'Carrefour'. Anyway, I just went shopping for groceries at Tesco last week & this news was on the 18/8..

If I was there, I would have taken it, man.. Would u have taken it??

Tesco feeling a bit generous last week gave out free money at one of its ATM outside its Cranford's store.

It provided the ultimate 'two for one' offer but perhaps not the kind of bargain Tesco had in mind to help lure in customers at the store in Hounslow, West London.

Instead of tracing the customers - who formed a lengthy queue to use the machine - the company has decided to write off the losses. A store spokesman said it lost more than £5,000 but it would not be cost effective to chase every person who benefited.

Tesco - renowned for its 'every little helps' slogan - says it will not try and recoup the money. Haha!! ;)... Like Real only. 'This was thankfully an extremely rare, operational error,' he said.The following day, many London Lite readers were quick to point out that those who benefited from the faulty machine were downright dishonest.


Tesco surely have an insurance against any loss they might encounter.

As with any increased claims on the policy, the premiums will go up n u can bet that the retailers will put that on our bills !

I was a cashier before at Mobil petrol kiosk.. Whenever I gave the wrong change. The difference in loss will be deducted from my minimum wage. The sum meant little to others but for me, it might mean a lot. Best to do the right thing than to have that on your conscience !

In Bikinis & Bored

Sonia Krans from S-factor

These 2 Singapore HOT girls from 'Bored In Bikinis' decide to go suntanning on Orchard Road for a change, attracting lots of attention from men, women, and even animals... featuring Sonia Krans & Xuesha. More on Sonia Krans here....

Remember them from 'S-factor 'on Channel 5. Seriously, I was rooting for Sonia coz she is bad, slim, tall, sexy & funny but a bit brainless la..

I was wondering if they are like that in REAL life. Personally, I don't think so la.. I believed the producer wanted them to act dumb, clueless &
start a lame converstions.

They are actually trying to start a new trend like suntanning in Orchard Rd.. Haha!!! ;) Anyway, I'm entertained for 4 mins la....


Comex Show 2009

Late last year in 2008, I missed the Comex in Singapore & this year PC Show, IT Shows, ( due to long hours at work & pretty broke at that time )... I will be going this year since I knew beforehand that it started on 10-13 Sept, about 3 weeks from today. As usual the show is in Suntec Singapore.

Expecting some new gadgets, mobile phones, PC hardwares, laptops, & etc..

Starting form today, I have to be a miser in whatever I spent on. No more eating outside.. Breakfast & dinner from home.. Survive 1 pack of 'Marlboro' for 3 days (Usually 1 pack per day). Hopefully la ahh, one day I will just quit..

All this just to buy a new Canon Digital SLR, Asus Eee-PC, X-Box 360, Seagate 1 TB HDD, 8GB thumbdrive or if got enough cash than get a Panasonic 42' LCD TV at the show itself. Wahh !!! so many things to buy ah.. Not inclusive of LCD TV yet already going to cost me a whopping $2400.. Money got enough or not?

No worries.. I'm sure they gonna drop their price like hell on the last day but then it will be quite crowded la.. There will be also a lot of stuff on promotions & free gifts ..

I will also be looking into the newspapers in Straits Times or NewPaper for part-time or temporary job available on that day, just to earn that extra bucks so that my budget is enough for the stuff I'm gonna get at Comex...

Event Details

Event : COMEX 2009
Location: Suntec Singapore Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6
Date : 10 – 13 Sept 2009
Time : 12.00PM – 9.00PM
Admission: Free

Website : http://www.comexshow.com.sg/

Here’s a short list of some of the participants this year:

  1. Acer Computer (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  2. Altec Lansing
  3. Apple
  4. Asus Technology Pte Ltd
  5. Benq Singapore Pte Ltd
  6. Brother International Singapore Pte Ltd
  7. Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
  8. Casio Singapore Pte Ltd
  9. Cisco Systems – Linksys (Asia) Pte Ltd
  10. Compaq Singapore
  11. Creative Technology Ltd
  12. D-link International Pte Ltd
  13. Dell Singapore Pte Ltd
  14. Epson Singapore Pte Ltd
  15. Fujifilm (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  16. Fuji Xerox Printers Pte Ltd
  17. Fujitsu PC – AsiaPac Distribution Pte Ltd
  18. Hewlett Packard Singapore(Sales) Pte Ltd
  19. Infocus Systems Asia Pte Ltd
  20. JVC Asia Pte Ltd
  21. Kingston
  22. Lenovo Singapore Pte Ltd
  23. LG Electronics (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  24. Logitech o Microsoft
  25. Mitsubishi
  26. MobileOne Ltd
  27. Netgear
  28. Nikon Singapore Pte Ltd
  29. Oki Data (S) Pte Ltd
  30. Olympus Imaging Singapore Pte Ltd
  31. Philips
  32. Pioneer Electronics Asia Centre Pte Ltd
  33. Samsung Asia Pte Ltd
  34. Sandisk
  35. Seagate Technology International Pte Ltd
  36. Sennheiser
  37. Sharp
  38. Singnet Pte Ltd
  39. Sony Ericsson
  40. Sony Electronics (S) Pte Ltd
  41. Starhub Ltd
  42. Symantec Singapore Pte Ltd
  43. Toshiba (Singapore) Pte Ltd
  44. Western Digital (S.E.Asia) Pte Ltd


Propose by a Girl ??

Damn!! I missed the Proposal movie contest by Nuffnang. Its OK la.. Anyway, when was the last time I catch a movie in cinema, man? Let me try to remember...

Hmmmmm.... was it Transformers in mid '07.
NO !!!!!! it was late 2007 & I watched it with Shanaz at GV (Golden Village), Vivo City. Remember dat, Sharifah ?

It was a HongKong movie called 'Brothers'. Its been full 2 years I ever catch a movie in cinema, man.. Anyway the tickets, was given free by the Reservist Department for my duty during the IMF ( International Monetary Fund) & WB ( World Bank) Convention.. Its gonna expired in Feb '08, might as well used it. I will be back with my update on my date with Shanaz. Stay tuned...

Back to Proposal, I think this will be another great romantic comedy with Ryan Reynolds in it. I saw his movie before Definitely, Maybe n did enjoyed it. So what will happen if the table were to turn & the girl propose to a guy. Well... Anything can happen in Hollywood.

It was quite rare for me to catch a romantic comedy on the big screen.. If I remembered clearly, the only romance movie I ever watched in cinema was Titanic or was it something else?

Watch it in cinema if its an epic, lots of battle scenes or an action movie like Transformers 2 or Terminator Salvation. Wanna enjoy the best sound effects in cinema But then both movies I have not watch it yet.. Haha!! So I just have to wait for the DVD..

The Proposal opens in cinemas 20 August 2009

LOST Season 5

Did u all catch LOST Season 5 on Channel 5 last Monday? How come it start at 12 a.m... man? I think its pretty late for a TV Series to start at that time.

Remember when Season 1 was out, there were contests la, roadshows la & was heavily promoted on Channel 5.. Anyway all new TV series are like dat.. Remember Ugly Betty, they even show the first episode in a cinema, man..

I believed all new TV series will get the prime time slot where the ratings is quite high in the States. Like Mentalist & Fringe.. So for TV series which has their ratings dropped will be in 8p.m or 12a.m slot.. Like Heroes, LOST & Smallville ..

I hope LOST is the only show that I will follow until the Seasons end. I heard somewhere it will end in the Seasons 6.. Thats where the
Jack Will Be Out Of The Box..

Last year, when I went for my reservist & we talked about TV series.. Famous one are Heroes la but I still stick to LOST.

One of them even said that ,"
When I watched LOST, I'm totally LOST.."Lol.. ;) He just watched half way until Season 2. I smiled & tried to explain which part that he is 'totally LOST'.. That time I just completed my LOST series marathon of Seasons 1 to 3 on DVD, tried to explain to him all the Polar Bear, Black Smoke & mysteries on the Island. How they moved the Island & about the Others..

Spoilers starts here
Last Monday show what really happened to the Island. It did not move to another place or just disappeared but the Island move through time. Back to where the private plane crashed which is full of drugs stuffed in Mother Mary statue..

From W
ikipedia : The remaining survivors begin to erratically jump through time after the island is moved. Jack and Ben begin their quest to reunite the Oceanic Six. Hurley and Sayid are ambushed at their safehouse. Kate and Aaron flee their house, after being ordered to submit to a maternity test by two lawyers.
Spoilers ends here

These are just a few glimpses that I caught bcos at that time my 16yr old brother was asking lots of questions regarding the show. I tried to explain what I could remember. The starter kit did help one way or another.. So are u watching LOST next Monday???

Make Your Own Hawaiian Pizza

Hawaiian Pizza

( Almost similar to Pizza Hut's Hawaiian Pizza )
Original Recipe by Cannot remember la.. Taken from the net 2 yrs ago
Edited by.. Who Else? Me lah

Have u ever tried to make a similar pizza like the commercial one & failed? Here it is my finalized recipe of Homemade Hawaiian Pizza..

When I was around 8, my mum used to make pizzas for me. Observing every spoonful & cups she added to make the dough. I can still remember the aroma from piping hot pizzas straight from the oven. Her crust was thick, tasted more like doughnut, the Maggi's tomato sauce base & the topping were simply curried minced beef.. Very filling, simple but not the taste I'm looking for.

On my first trial 5 years later, I succeeded making one. My dad & auntie were damn surprised saying like ' Where did u learn to make this? Why not try other toppings?'

Then Internet came in 1995, but it never cross my mind to search for that recipe of a perfect pizza.. Until 2 years ago, I tried to search one when my mum used the net for some other recipes. I searched & tried 5 different recipes from the net & still it lack something.

It was all trial & error. Now here it is; with some tweaking, I finally got the right taste I'm looking for..

Your pizza need to be piping hot to get this gooey cheese.. With a dash of Tabasco & Parmesan Cheese its gonna be yummy..

Yum, Yum!!! Just make me drooling looking at this..

Ingredients cost : $12
Can make : 3 pizzas or 4 thin crusted
Preparation Time : 10 mins
Cooking Time : 20 mins
Ready To Eat : 1hr 30 mins


The Crust

2 1/2 cups Bread flour. (Plain or Wheat Flour also can)
1/2 cup corn meal (This one hard to get )
1 Tablespoon Instant Yeast
1 Tablespoon Sugar
2 Tablespoons Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Cup Warm Water, About 40 to 50'C
1/2 Teaspoon Salt


1 can Traditional Prego Sauce ( Lazy la to prepare from scratch)
1 can of pineapple ( Cut into smaller pieces )
5 pcs of sliced turkey ham ( Each piece cut into 8 portions )
250g Grated Mozzarella Cheese

7 Steps To A Perfect Crust

Crisper if baked on a pizza stone but also bakes good on a well-greased baking sheet...(10x20-inch)

1. Mix dry ingredients then add olive oil and work it in until the lumps are small. This is important : Do not add the salt with the dry ingredients. The salt can kill the yeast & your dough will not rise..

2. Then add warm water and salt. Knead for about 10 mins or until smooth. Turn dough out onto a clean, well floured surface, and add in more flour until the dough is no longer sticky.

3. Place the dough into a well oiled bowl, and cover with a plastic wrap ( dry cloth also can use if plastic wrap is not available). Let the dough rise until double; this should take about 1 hour.

5. Punch down the dough, and form a tight ball. Allow the dough to relax for a minute before rolling out. Use for your favorite pizza recipe.

6. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F (220 degrees C). If you are baking the dough on a pizza stone, you may place your toppings on the dough, and bake immediately.

7. If you are baking your pizza in a pan, lightly oil the pan, and let the dough rise for 15 or 20 minutes before topping and baking it. Bake pizza in preheated oven, until the cheese and crust are golden brown, about 15 to 20 minutes. Serves 3 to 4

Uncooked Hawaiian Pizza all ready to be bake

My least favorite Thin Crusted Hawaiian Pizza

What are u waiting for? If u have all the ingredients in the kitchen start kneading the flour now or go to the supermarket to get all the ingredients. You will not regret this. Money back guarantee.. LOL :)

Fast To Cook , Good To Eat

Pasta Carbonara with Prawn & Mushroom
( Similar to Pasta Prawn Olio at Pizza Hut )
By Chef Alfie Jerome Mossadeg
Edited by Executive Chef FatBoy Slim... Haha!!! Like Real only..

For single bachelor who are staying alone & often having Maggi Mee, how about changing your menu a little bit? If u are just too lazy to buy the ingredients & prepare this meal, Get your girlfriend or your Mum to prepare. There's a saying that 'To A Man's Heart Is To A Man's Srtomach'....

Below are recipe for Adam who want a simple & fuss-free preparation, Fast To Cook & Good To Eat. A little bit longer to prepare than your regular Maggi Mee but more nutritious..

Yummylicious!! Your pasta will turn out similar to this Bakerzin's Pasta Aglio Olio with Prawn

Preparation Time : 15 mins
Cooking Time : 15 mins
Ready To Eat : 30 mins

Ingredients :

3 tablespoons Olive Oil ( Vegetable Oil also can use but taste a bit different)
10 Medium-sized prawn
4 pcs of button mushrooms
2 teaspoons of Salt
A pinch of black pepper ( Can add more according to your preferences )

4 eggs
1/4 cup of Nestle cream ( Other brand also can)
1 cup of Parmesan Cheese

455 grams of linguine pasta
2 tablespoons of margerine
2 tablespoons of chopped parsley
1 teaspoons of grind dried chillis (Adding a local twist to it)

5 Steps to a delicious Pasta Carbonara with Prawn & Mushroom

1. Heat olive oil on a frying pan & pan-fried the prawns together with button mushroom. Add a pinch of salt & some black pepper . Put a side..

2. Boil your pasta for 8 mins in a hot boiling water.

3. While waiting for the pasta to cook, break the Eggs & Cream in a medium bowl & beat the eggs thoroughly in a large bowl suitable for serving . Mix it with Parmesan cheese & leave it a side.

4. When the pasta is done, tossed it in a colander. Add margerine & mix it with the pasta. Add a pinch of salt, black pepper & chopped parsley.

5. Pour into the bowl of Eggs and Cream immediately begin tossing it. As the strands of pasta become coated with the beaten eggs, their heat will cook the eggs. Decorated it with prawns & button mushrooms.

6. Waalaaaa!!!!....Now you are Ready To Eat..

If u bother to make the Prawns stand, it will look something like this..

Don't forget to leave comments how your Pasta Carbonara turn out. I have yet to try this recipe. Just wondering how the eggs & cream will turn out. Like Yucks!!... only. Next I will update on my Pizza Recipe. I just love Italian food. Fast & easy to prepare..


My Fat Burning Experiences

I believed all of you who are obese or overweight at a point time have tried different kind of products & ways to lose weight. Well.. some works & some doesn't. Even the fit ones have some kind of regime or methods of keeping themself healthy. Here I'm going to share with you all my fat-burning experiences.

I have always been the chubbier side since I was 2. That is why my blog is Mr. Fatboy Slim. I can say that I'm pretty obese right now & WILL be SLIMMER in the near future. Haha!!.. Like real only. Anyway nothing is impossible..Right??

Mike!! Tuck in your stomach, man?

It could be the genes from my mother side because they are quite big & overweight. I have never met or seen my mum siblings before but this is what my mum told me & she herself is quite obese.

Once my FI (Field Instructor) Ayub in NS did asked me," Mike.. Why are you on the heavier side ?."

I answered," I think I have a low metabolism, Sir. Maybe its in the genes.." Haha!!.. What a lame reasons I gave him. Hey!! It could be true, man.

He smiled & said," But u can try to burn it & can increase your metabolism" I just smiled back.

You name it.. I have tried all kind of regime & products to lose weight..
This will be quite a long list of my fat burning experiences . Here are a few that I have tried :

1. The first time when I was kind of... FORCED to lose weight was around 10 like dat in Primary 4. At that time TAF ( Trim And Fit ) Club was just introduced in 1990.

I used to joke among my friends & classmates, " Don't play-play, ok.. I'm in the TOUGH ( Doesn't it sound similar to TAF ) Club. I was chosen not because I'm FAT but TOUGH." Haha!!.. I will be blogging about this in detail later. Basically it works but then was jus too lazy too attend.

2. The slimming products that claim that you do not have to diet or exercise. Works naturally & no side effects. Some to the extend claiming that just by taking their pills before bedtime & it start working while u are ASLEEP. Haha!!.. Yeah!! Right.. Even though it sound damn easy & too good to be true. This never works at all. All gimmicks to sell their products.

3. Products that really works just make me more hungry. In the end I ate more. It works but when I stop using it, I put on more weight..

4. Some even claiming all natural herbal slimming pills but it works more like a laxative. After taking it, I will constipated more & my bowels will be watery. Yuckss!!.... It seems there is some oily stuff along with my bowels.

It seems to work. I would feel a bit lighter after leaving the toilet. Loss 2 inches off my waist but then I'm kind of weak when I was on it for 2 months. I believed it works by drawing water from your body & make u constipated more. So u feel lighter.

5. There was even a product in the market where youu just sniff it & u will lose weight. Like sniffing Vicks inhaler through your nose whenever u had a cold or running nose. It was advertised as infomercial on TV in 98 or 99. I believed those who had watched it before or who had bought it could remember this.

It came in 2 pieces & sold for around $90+. All u need to do is to sniff it whenever u feel hungry & you fell full. Haha!!.. Like real only.. The other piece is to sniff it before having your meal then u will feel quite full or lose your appetite. It works by telling your brain that you are full & do not need to eat so much. This stuff is really CRAP & just a waste of money. Totally did not work at all.

6. Hey!!!.. I do not just used slimming products & never exercise in my life or eat heallthy to keep fit. When I was around 16, I did exercised and watched what I ate. Usually I will go for a jog at Queenstown Stadium track or empty multi-storey carpark just before the sunrise or late afternoon. Jog 4-5 rounds around the 400m track. Did it almost 3 or 4 times a week.

If I'm not runnig that day, I will be swimming at the opposite swimming pool in the late afternoon. Having meals that is high in fibre, more proteins, less carbohydrates & less oily food. Did it for 3 months before nearing my 'O' level.

When I stopped, I did gain a bit weight. This is a sure way to keep fit & stay healthy but you need to be consistent & really need to kick youself in the ASS.

There is still many more I wanted to share with you all my YO-YO weight. I will be continuing this in Part II some where next week or the week after..

To Be Continued......
WAIT!!!! Before you leave I will like to share something new with you all .


Have you ever exercise vigorously and eating healthy just to fit yourself in that new Levi's jeans?
Have you ever wished to look your best on your first blind date?
Have you ever been laughed at or been make fun of because of your size?
Undertake meticulous slimming plan so that you would look fabulous on your wedding day?

Here it is !! The latest technology called Cavitation. So what is this all about?

Cavitation is the latest technology in slimming. It makes use of stable cavitations to obtain the best results by breaking fat cells membrane through the bursting of micro-bubbles. The complex fatty acids are then broken down into simpler fatty acids. These simple fatty acids can then be passed out through excretory system.

Clinical Studies:

University “G. d Annunzio”, Chieti (Italy)

Clinical studies done by Professor Raoul Saggini from University “G. d Annunzio”, Chieti (Italy), Director of the Postgraduate School of Physical and Rehabilitative Medicine, shows that the following are achieved:

1. Body weight is loss
2. Fat tissues are reduced

3. No collateral effects

Studies are done on 10 women between the ages of 20 – 50.

Why Do We Have To Acquire A License From NEA?

This machine has a power output of more than 50 watt and a ‘N2’ license is required.

The ‘N2’ license is a safety assurance license to ensure that this medical apparatus used for cavitation is handled only by either a medical doctor or physiotherapist.

The physiotherapists in Cenosis, being educated medically and technologically, are able to perform cavitation treatment in accordance with the safety standards set by NEA, as well as give you, excellent results in slimming down.

Who is this Cenosis?

Cenosis, one of the leaders in the slimming and beauty industry has always been constant in our commitment to delivering the highest quality of services rendered. The cavitation technology is the proof of our commitment and pride. Cenosis has spent the last 3 years researching on the cavitation technology, ensuring that it is safe, reliable and result proven to all our customers. In our commitment to your safety, we make sure that all cavitation treatments are ONLY handled by our physiotherapists.

We do not make up claims on our technology. To show for it, we have been awarded with the N2 license, which proves that we do not use any kind of imitation and false claims on cavitation to mislead our consumers. This proves the pride the Cenosis promises you, the day you become our customers.

So what are you waiting for?
Don't be shy or afraid.. I have made my appointment with them to see whether it works for me. Hopefully this also works for men & no side effects..

Make an appointment with Cenosis right now, to find out how you can benefit from this wonderful technology at a special price of $33. Call 7000 700 6626 or visit www.cenosis.biz/cavitation.php to make an appointment.”

What Does Your Desktop Screen Look Like?

Hi!! Readers, I just knew today at Yahoo Answers that I can capture the image of my desktop screen. I have always wondered how they did that & thinking that u need to use some kind of software to capture it. Never bother to ask or google it until I tried to answer some question on Yahoo ( click here to c my answers on Yahoo ) . I did this by:

1. By pressing Print Screen ( at the right corner of your keyboard near the Insert n Delete area)

2. Then open Ms Paint or MS Word press Ctrl-V to paste the image

3. Abracadabra !!! The picture is there in Ms Paint.

4. U can save it as .jpg or bmp.

5. Share with ur friend or upload at photobucket.com or ur blog

For bigger picture Click here
This is how my desktop screen look like today at 1810.


9th August, Independence Day?

Where will u all be on our National Day? I believed those who got the NDP tickets will be heading now to Marina Bay. The one who try to make money with the free tickets will try to sell to their friends for a minimum SGD$120 after collecting their tickets or selling it online at eBay starting from SGD$50. Some who really desperate will offer a minimum SGD$100 to buy for the tickets at eBay.

Some who do not have the tickets will be heading nearby Marina Bay to catch the parade or enjoy the fireworks. Like in 2004, one of my friends wanted to get the best view at Kallang to watch the fireworks. In the end we went somewhere else coz it was quite crowded down there.

I have never been to the NDP as long as I could remember. During my younger days like 8 or 9 I did wanted to go.

Asking my my mum," Mummy, why we never go to NDP before. Some of my friends did go & they got a lot of freebies. They all enjoy the parade & fireworks"

My mum replied, "Son.., the tickets was hard to get n u have to really queue for the tickets. Some will camped at the collection center 3 days before the tickets will be issue. If I got the tickets, it will be very crowded at the parade area. All the buses n MRT are very crowded too. Lots of traffic jam nearby the parade."

No wonder we never went for NDP during my younger days. What she say its true. Before we were able to apply it online, we have to queue up for the tickets.

NDP @ Marina Bay http://www.ndp.org.sg

As for me, I will be enjoying the parade at home in my boxer with my fan turn on full blast due to the hot weather n humidity. Maybe some epok-epok at the side n a Pokka Peach Tea ( My favorite drink). Yeah.. then catch Singapoe Idol 3 or continuing playing my Crysis game on PC.


Our Next Prime Minister?

Do we all know who is our present Prime Minister especially those who born in the early 80s & 90s? Some still thinking its Mr. Lee Kuan Yew or Goh Chok Tong since they are still in PAP. Maybe.. they just can't be bothered or not interested about politics.

I have personally met Mr. Lee Kuan Yew when someone hosted his birthday 3 years back. Most of his sons, daughter, daughter-in-laws, grandchildren, DPM & Ministers were present at that time. In his 80s, LKY still enthusiastic talking about politics n current issue with his Ministers. LKY was not that close with his grandchildren. Dr. Tony Tan was pretty quiet n seem disappointed at that time. No idea, Why?

Since our present DPM is Mr. Wong Kan Seng & Mr. Teo Chee Hean ( http://www.cabinet.gov.sg/CabinetAppointments/ ). Our next PM will be either one of them. I think Mr. Teo Chee Hean will be the next PM since he seems more capable. Just my guess.

I strongly believed the PAP is a dynasty. Just look our 1st PM is Lee Kuan Yew than his sons as 3rd PM. The 5th PM wil surely be one of LKY grandchildren if anyone of them are interested in politics. I guess his oldest grandchild is in his mid 20s. No idea whether he is interested in the politics. Lets see..

Maybe his grandchildren will enter the opposition n contested against the PAP during the General Election. That just a MAYBE only.


Channel NewsAsia - Friday, August 7

SINGAPORE: Singapore’s fourth Prime Minister could be among the new faces fielded in the next general election due by early 2012, said Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong on Thursday.

However, he added that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong is now having a more difficult time looking for suitable candidates in their 30s.

Mr Goh said Singapore has a unique system of political succession. He said Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, who stepped down as prime minister in 1990, marked his own contribution to Singapore not by what he has achieved but whether the country can continue to sustain its development.

"If Singapore can, then he (Minister Mentor Lee) will say, ’I’ve succeeded in building Singapore.’ If Singapore falters, 4, 5 years after he is gone, then he would say he’s not succeeded in his ambition of building Singapore," said Mr Goh.

"So, in order for that to happen, he started planning for political succession and he did not look to just the political party itself for successors, because not many people wanted to join political parties," he said.

Mr Goh added that Mr Lee also made it very clear that Singapore’s leader should be chosen by his peers, so there will be no infighting within the political party.

The senior minister noted that he became prime minister at the age of 49 and Mr Lee Hsien Loong took over at the age of 51 and he is now 58 years old.

Mr Goh noted the next prime minister will have to be in his 30s today. That is because it will take another five to 10 years for the potential candidate to fully understand how to deal with people, policies and international partners.

"It’s not an easy task," Mr Goh said. "He’s (Mr Lee Hsien Loong is) having a more difficult time now. He’s looking for a fourth prime minister."

Mr Goh added that during his time, he could get ministers at the age of 37 or 38. Now, ministers are in their early 40s.

Mr Goh made the comments at the inaugural Asia—Middle East Media Roundtable held in Singapore on Thursday.

Cameras were not allowed to film the closed door dialogue session, which was meant to be an informal exchange of ideas between Mr Goh and the 30 or so journalists from ASEAN, the Middle East, India and China.

The aim of the session was to encourage better engagement between the people of the Middle East and Asia.
In his opening remarks, Mr Goh said the current economic crisis presents a good opportunity for the Middle East and Asia to grow its relationship.

One way is to promote tourism. Mr Goh said: "The West had always been the magnate for relations between Asia and the West and between Middle East and the West.

"All of us were actually looking more to the West for economic relations and of course for political relations, and we tended to look at the Middle East mainly as a source of oil for us.

"But it was the wrong attitude, as I’ve discovered, because in the Middle East we have plenty of opportunities to do business. There’s a very rich culture there which we need to try and understand, and Middle East has become more important in time to come and so would Asia."

Separately, Mr Goh also touched on the situation in Myanmar. He said while pro—democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi is seen by the West as the solution, she is also "part of the problem" because she believes she is the government.

Mr Goh noted that Ms Suu Kyi’s political party needs to seek a fresh mandate in the 2010 general election.

— CNA/ir

Missing Those Days.. Part 1

Yesterday.. while I was updating my friendster, I went into Faiz profile. Seeing his photos, I began to remember the days ( late 2007 ) where we used to hang out at a place where we called 'Cheers Corner'. Its at Bras Basah Complex . Thats where we usually chill n have our drinking session after a hard days work. We called it our 'Cheers Corner' bcos there is where we get our drinks n chill out at the corner of Bras Basah Complex.

Usually me, Faiz, Owl, Asri, sometime Mus, Is, Man n Boy will meet at Cheers Corner after we finished work. At the most 3 times a week n there was one time its 3 day straight, man. As early as 6p.m or as late as 10 p.m we started our drinking session. By that time, all the shop in Bras Basah were already closed. Only Cheers n Mc'donalds are open.

Why do we choose that place? It was just opposite our working place & quite a nice place to chill. Cheers was also in that building which is something like 7-11 which is owned by NTUC. They also have promotion on their beers from time to time. Like at that time our favorite drink 'Amsterdam' cost $ 10 for 2 cans.

Bras Basah Complex. Our ' Cheers Corner ' in Singapore. Hehe!!! The 2 red circled area is our hangout place. We would usually have our drinking session on the left side if its not occupied. Cheers is somewhere in the middle of the building. Further on the left side, there is a Mc'donalds ..

I had never tasted Amsterdam before. The first time I tasted it was with Owl ( his nose do really look like an owl n that why people call him Owl). LOL.. He is the one who recommended the drink. When I tasted it, it was damn bitter. Bitter than Baron or regular Tiger. I almost puked bcos the last time I drank was in 2005.

Even though its been 2 years, it seems like its my first. 'Like A Virgin ' la... No wonder, Owl bought 'Red Bull' to fight with the bitterness. Then there was one time, I was asking him "Owl, Red Bull is something like upper n beer is downer. Don't u think its bad or dangerous to mix the drinks together"

Owl answered " That what give u the kick, man"

This the drink 'Amsterdam' I'm talking about. With 11.6% of alcohol, no wonder its so damn bitter. Owl used to say , " Good medicines are usually more bitter" Haha!!!.. Yeah,. Right!!!

Both of us were the first one who started to drink at that corner. When Asri came along, he called it 'Cheers Corner'. Thats where the name came from. Then we called the others to join. From 2 , sometime became to 7 -8 person. Anyway we wasn't disturbing anybody but sometime we could be quite noisy. What do u expect when u got a totally drunk guys? We were still under control at that time.

Until there was one time, Faiz suddenly 'open table' la.. I already had 2 cans of mine ( This is my maximum). Asri not to sure, how many Tiger he had but I believed he already finished more than 5 cans of the longer one. Boy n Liz with Long Island Tea. Owl I think about 2 cans of Amsterdam.

TO BE CONTINUED...........

Why..!!!? does it come...

Why..!!!? does it come at the wrong time, man...Whenever there is this kind of fair, like Comex, PC Show, IT Show n not sure another one what is it called... Always looking forward to this fair but nt sure which date..

They usually advertised 2 week before n by that time my bank account is 'frozen'. U should understand la.. When the fair or expo start I'm already " KERING!!!! , man" ( Really Broke La). When I'm loaded at the early of the month, this Fair does not come. Always at the wrong time, man.... Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!

Nvm.. next year still got. Should at least save 50% of my money in the middle of the month. So when the fairs come my account is not 'frozen'. Hehe.. I'm aiming to get that new 42' LED TV n a Digicam.. Then a Xbox 360.... Hopefully next year, anyway electronics price will surely drop one..

Wed, Jul 22, 2009


Great tech bargains at the Appetites & Escapades Fair

There's certainly something for everyone at the "Appetites and Escapades, Electronics Fair" held at the Suntec City Convention Centre this weekend.

Spanning 7,000 sqm in exhibition space and held over three days from July 24 to 26, the event will feature exclusive electronics bargains, from the latest DSLRs to video cams and other nifty gadgets.

The first 2,000 visitors on the first day of the fair will also receive a $50 electronics cash voucher.

Continue news here

Too many people have POWER

It's been 25 days, I have last updated my blog. Kind of busy n there is nothing interesting to blog about. There are a few cooking recipes that I want to share with you all but without having a digicam to take the photos of the final end product, it will not be interesting enough. Soon.. when I got a digicam, I will share some recipes n write a few foods review.

I want Peter type of POWER

Did u all catch Heroes Season 3 last Thursday on Channel 5. It was the 2nd episode of Season 3. I did not catch the first episode coz I slept early that time ( ard 4pm in late afternoon till next morning). Kind of lost when I watch it last Thursday.

Seriously.. Season 1 was the best. Just nice, unlike Season 2.. the episode was too short ( due to the writers strike) , Hiro spent too long in ancient Japan n there were less of Sylar..

On last Thursday, I was cooking for dinner & watching it at the same time. So... just catch a few glimpse of the show n some of my dishes turn 'chao tah' ( burned) but still edible lah.. Taste ok, ok la.. Not like a chef or mum's cook.

I think this Season, there are a lot of character got power, man... Peter's mum, Mohinder, Claire's dad n dun noe who.. Linderman still alive n still trying to manipulate Nathan Petrelli. Thats just a few part that I watch.

While during commercial break, I asked my 16yr old bro, " Why got so many people got power?? Kind of confused leh.. Feel like deja vu. Sort of like watching X Men 2 again."

My bro answered coz he catch the first episode," Their power is not bcos they r born with or bcos of the genes but its kind of formula." Thats what he told me.. Should google it lah or watch it online for the 1st episode...

If I were given a choice, I want to be like Peter Petrelli, absorb other people power n able to control it or if cannot the one who can hears people mind. What his name ha? ( Sorry.. really forgot his name).