Too many people have POWER

It's been 25 days, I have last updated my blog. Kind of busy n there is nothing interesting to blog about. There are a few cooking recipes that I want to share with you all but without having a digicam to take the photos of the final end product, it will not be interesting enough. Soon.. when I got a digicam, I will share some recipes n write a few foods review.

I want Peter type of POWER

Did u all catch Heroes Season 3 last Thursday on Channel 5. It was the 2nd episode of Season 3. I did not catch the first episode coz I slept early that time ( ard 4pm in late afternoon till next morning). Kind of lost when I watch it last Thursday.

Seriously.. Season 1 was the best. Just nice, unlike Season 2.. the episode was too short ( due to the writers strike) , Hiro spent too long in ancient Japan n there were less of Sylar..

On last Thursday, I was cooking for dinner & watching it at the same time. So... just catch a few glimpse of the show n some of my dishes turn 'chao tah' ( burned) but still edible lah.. Taste ok, ok la.. Not like a chef or mum's cook.

I think this Season, there are a lot of character got power, man... Peter's mum, Mohinder, Claire's dad n dun noe who.. Linderman still alive n still trying to manipulate Nathan Petrelli. Thats just a few part that I watch.

While during commercial break, I asked my 16yr old bro, " Why got so many people got power?? Kind of confused leh.. Feel like deja vu. Sort of like watching X Men 2 again."

My bro answered coz he catch the first episode," Their power is not bcos they r born with or bcos of the genes but its kind of formula." Thats what he told me.. Should google it lah or watch it online for the 1st episode...

If I were given a choice, I want to be like Peter Petrelli, absorb other people power n able to control it or if cannot the one who can hears people mind. What his name ha? ( Sorry.. really forgot his name).


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