At Last.. An Update.....

Its been almost 13 months I have been abandoning my blog.. If it was a baby, it should be able to walk by now.. Aiyooo!! Why like dat la.... Why did I abandon u? Must be for a reasons. Wat do u guys thinks??

Basically I got into blogging for the wrong reasons. Now I have to start all over again where I have just stop. Don't do things halfway, I should tell myself. Finished it what YOU have started.. Its not about the journey but the destination. If You overcome the journey the destination is a great place one.. Right??

There should be a CHANGE in me including u..

1. No promises yet. I will do my best to update at least three time a week..
2. Great content that could be useful to everyone who is reading..
3. Should at least make you think, cry, wonder, laugh n all the emotions involve into one..

This a few that I could think of right now.. So don't forget to come back, enjoy it & don't be selfish with your comments la...


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