Psychology Is Interesting...

Based on

1. Body language

2. Tone Of Your Voice

3. Eye Contact

4. Facial Expression

5. Clothes they wear

6. The color

7. How they react to certain things.

Basically u can make a guess. Its usually about 80% accurate. To confirm, questioned the person itself whether your guess is correct. Always look for more than 1 signs..

Sometime the question that u put out to people, will make them feel that u are practising some sort of black magic or mind reading.. How far can this bring u. Its not even magic at all. But research n science have proved it based on body language alone...

Word consist of 10% because human tongue got no bone. They can twist it. Body language never lie n from the tone of the voice makes a lot of difference.. It can be same the words but with a different tone it can be a total different meaning... Got it???

Social Networking has taken away that basic face to face human interaction.

1. A nobody can become some body..

2. They resolve it online..

3. Just by typing n words someone can fall in love, destroyed a relationship, hatred r build up & someone can even commit suicide.. Many more to mention here. I believed all of u have heard or read it somewhere, right..

Its that suppose to be the way.

Its not freaking fortune telling or wizardry... U can't still tell the future. As a saying " Tommorow Is still A Mystery".. We all can only plan for it. Either u ' Fail To Plan ' or ' Plan To Fail '. Most people Fail to Plan thats all . Including me.. Rarely they plan for a failure....

Whatever u believed in. It always teach good things. Every ' Beginning There Is An Ending '. Think Again.. Be it your carrier, business, relationship, when u eat, when u talk, when u met someone, even in songs, novel & movies. Even while I'm typing right now it going to end somewhere...

Its just a matter of how & when only. No one noes including me. The signs is already there. Its whether u are observant enough & able to interpret it.. That's it.. I think I'm going away out of the topic here. This is where it should ends..

Hope u all can learn a thing or two here.. You can even disagree with me. I maybe wrong.. But think again is there really a TRUTH written here.. The TRUTH will always prevail..

P.S : This is just the introduction. There will be a few more chapter I'm going to share with u all.. Feel free to come n dun be selfish with ur comments la...

P.P.S : There will also be an update on ' ACTIVATING YOU SIXTH SENSE '


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